Foam Hand Pump with 5-Gallon Backpack

Foam Hand Pump with 5-Gallon Backpack

SKU: 4000F-BP

The Scotty 4000F-BP is a professional, forestry-type, Foam Hand Pump and Backpack system. The
pump's features include a comfortable handgrip attached to a brass tube piston shaft, an inner brass sleeve; fully protected by an outer ABS plastic sleeve, built-in foam eductor and an air aspirating nozzle.


The eductor is factory set at a 1% eduction rate and is attached to a 1-1/3 pint (625 ml) foam reservoir. The hand pump can be "field-stripped" for cleaning without the need of any tools. Made from corrosion-proof materials, it only requires an occasional application of lubricating grease or vasilene on the piston O-ring at the end of the piston shaft. 


The 5 gallon (19 lt) Back-Pack features a 4” Filler Port with a removeable debris screen, a Pull-Tab
mounted on each side of pack to assist opening bag during filling, a standard 3/4" Garden Hose Thread Outlet port, 2” wide high strength Nylon webbing shoulder


Includes Hand Pump Service Kit.



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