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FlameOut+ Fire Suppessor is an extremely
effective fire suppressing agent for use on
Class A and B fires. It is a 100% Organic/
Non-toxic (No PFOA, PFOS, PFAS), Noncorrosive/
HALON replacement. Registered
with the Environmental Protection Agency
and the U.S. Department of Forestry.
FlameOut has been specifically designed to
capture and combine the best qualities of a
wetting agent and a foam. These qualities

• Exceptional for use on Class B fires
   involving gasoline, kerosene and diesel
• Fast cooling effect
• Excellent vapor suppression
• Penetrating capabilities which help the
   product act as a retardant
• Low toxicity
• Excellent handling characteristics
• Ease of application with no special equipment required

FlameOut’s patented formula works to extinguish a fire and
prevent re-ignition by eliminating each of the three sides of the
fire triangle: Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. First, the wetting power of
FlameOut rapidly cools and penetrates (Removing Heat). Second,
FlameOut works to encapsulate and blanket the oxygen at the
surface of the fire (Removing Oxygen). Last, FlameOut prevents
re-ignition by breaking the hydrocarbon strings and suppressing
flammable vapor helping to render the fuel source inert
(Removing Fuel).


Please call for quote on per pallet quanities.

  • FlameOut+ concentrate is intended for use on Class A
    and Class B polar and nonpolar fuel fires. It can be used
    with both aspirating and non-aspirating discharge
    devices due to the low energy required to make it foam.

    The excellent wetting characteristics make it useful in
    combating Class A fires. It can be used with dry chemical
    suppressing agents without the need to be concerned
    with the order of application, which allows for greater
    fire protection capability and flexibility.


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