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A single cannon can shoot water, foam, or retardants up to 110 feet radius with a full 360-degree traverse or partial arc. It can be connected with other FireBozz® units to create rapid and expanded firebreak capability. Weighing 24 lbs the FireBozz® can be carried and deployed in less than a minute.

  • Quick and easy setup on any terrain
  • Tough, welded stainless and aluminum construction
  • Does not damage houses located in the interface environment
  • Multi-purpose water dispersal perfect for emergency response, municipal works, and resorts
  • Easy setup and walk-away features allow operators to get out of harm’s way
  • Broken stream allows maximum conservation of water resources
  • Loads the air with a protective misting envelope to raise relative humidity values over a wide area
  • Multi-unit connection creates a quick, robust, and extremely large wet-line

FireBozz Mini W/ 4" Valve

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