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Wildland fire fighters used to have to make do with outdated, heavy chainsaw protection. Wildfire from Clogger changes that. A 120% 4 way stretch FR outer with maximum flex for easy movement. Remarkably tough.  Fire resistant to the core with every component fully FR including our proprietary Arrestex FR chainsaw fabric. The future of chainsaw protection for Wildland fire crews is here.

Chainsaw protection

  • Uses Clogger’s exclusive Arrestex FR chainsaw fabric which is light and breathable with 6 layers of advanced fully FR technical chainsaw fabric that will not melt or burn.
  • Arrestex FR includes ultra strong Vectran cut resistant fibers cross woven to improve multi-directional strike performance.
  • Waist to ankle coverage with extra coverage on the left side to allow for movement if a chainsaw strikes.

Outer construction and design

  • Outer fabric rated to 11 cal/cm2 according to ASTM F1959 for arc resistance and passed EN ISO 15025: 2000 for fire resistance.
  • 4-way 120% stretch FR outer for ease of movement with 60% increase in tear strength for extended life.
  • All components fire resistant, including outer fabric, chainsaw protective fabric and lining.
  • FlexZone in the seat seam for extra give.
  • Elasticized waist for a snug fit and extra comfort.
  • Lock stitched seams and stress points reinforced.

Tree people specific detail

  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting.
  • 2 zipped hip pockets and a cargo style pocket on the left thigh for ease of access.
  • Strong, durable zippers with a better seal to reduce the risk of sawdust damage.
  • Heavy duty metal studs provide extra strength when using suspenders.
  • Extra wide belt loops to fit up to a 2 6/16 inch belt.
  • Opening at hems to remove debris.
  • High-back keeps you warm on winter days.


  • Lightweight design, just under 2 lbs 8 oz (Medium).

Clogger Wildfire Fire Resistant Men's Chainsaw With Stretch - Short

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