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What is Blazetamer380?

BLAZETAMER380™ is a polymer-based Water Enhancer designed for deployment by aircraft – both fixed and rotary wing – to suppress wildfires.

 The product can also be used in ground engines by applying the recommended dosage to the water and agitating for a few minutes. Recirculating through the pump will yield the best results.

What does Blazetamer380 contain and how does it work?

BLAZETAMER380™ contains a mix of polymers, surfactants, water and other ingredients.


When applied, BLAZETAMER380™ is mixed in very small concentrations with water (from 0.1% to 0.65%). Even at the highest rate only 6.5 litres of BLAZETAMER380™ is used in each 1,000 litres of water dropped from aircraft.

What effect does Blazetamer380 have on health?

None. The toxicity of BLAZETAMER380™ has been extensively tested. Those tests show the product to be non-toxic at normal levels of exposure. ‘Normal Levels of Exposure’ is identified as, “a water enhancing additive, used to extinguish fires at the recommended dosage rate of between 0.1% and 6.5%”.
No significant health effects would be expected or has been recorded due to ingestion or contact with the mixed solution.


*Ingestion of concentrate, eye contact or prolonged skin contact should always be avoided as a matter of good practice.

Does Blazetamer380 present hazard to plants or agricultural crops?

No. The mixed solution of BLAZETAMER380™ is not harmful to plants or agricultural crops. For many years similar polymers have been used on food crops in agriculture for water retention, spray drift reduction and efficiency improvements in nutrients. The polymers have no effect on the plants themselves and residues are not harmful to humans or animals





Water enhancers like the polymeric elastomer BLAZETAMER380™ represent the future for firefighting.


BLAZETAMER380™ is an effective and valuable fire suppressant for direct attack of fires during initial or extended attack operations. It can be used in engines, slingable bags, drop tanks, and can be ground-loaded, mixed in dip tanks for helicopters with buckets or used with on-board injection systems in helicopters, SEATs, water-scooping and land-based, multi-engine airtankers.

BLAZETAMER380™ is a non-coloured liquid concentrate water enhancer that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally safe.  It is proven harmless to humans, animals and vegetation, complies with Work Health Safety Regulations for firefighters, and is approved for use by state and federal agencies.  It is listed on the United States Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL) and is environmentally safe enough to be aerially applied in Long Term Retardant Exclusion Zones if allowed by land management agency policy.

BLAZETAMER380 is the registered trademark of BioCentral Laboratories Limited - All rights reserved.

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